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Meg @ Adrift on Vulcan tagged me in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Thank you, Meg! ❤ Time to answer some questions!

1. Three words that describe yourself!

Lazy, shy, awkward?? GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE. I can’t think of a positive word….

Wait let’s do this more positively: smiles a lot. Yes, I do. I smile a lot. People comment on this all the time.

2. How does a book blurb pique your interest for that book?

I have the bad habit of not reading the blurb properly most of the time. I visit the Goodreads page, I look at the cover, I scan through the reviews, I maybe glance briefly at the blurb, and then I’m like OKAY LOADS OF PEOPLE LOVE THE BOOK AND IT HAS AN AMAZING COVER, I’M BUYING IT. Very often I read a book without knowing what it’s about. Reviews pique my interest for a book far more than the blurb does.

But, that said, if there’s any LGBTQ element advertised in the blurb, it’s pretty much automatically going on the TBR. Also, if I read a blurb and I’m like, this really doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever read, that also piques my interest. Otherwise, blurbs bore me. It’s all about covers and reviews for me.

3. QUICK! Share with us your absolute favorite gif!


Any gif that involves Kristen Stewart is a good gif. (May I point you to these gifs, and these gifs as well.) Kristen Stewart is my superhero.

4. What is one fictional thing you wish existed in the real world?

Unicorns. Yep. Unicorns.

Okay wait no. TELEPORTATION. I have to travel a lot and I hate flying. If we can get cool teleportation that never fails, that would be great. I am getting more terrified of flying every time I hear about another plane disaster.

5. Caption this image:
How did we all end up in this hotel room together? Oh well, at least nobody’s naked… Hopefully I can sneak out before everyone else wakes up!
6. What is one word that would describe what you are currently feeling now, and why?

Guilty. I should be translating Virgil, not writing this post… Oops.

7. The book gods have decided to gift you three books of your choice — what books would you pick?

Oh, ye powerful book gods, nobody gave me any of the books I wanted for Christmas SO JUST PICK ANY THREE AND GIVE THEM TO ME.

8. If you had the power to read minds, whose would you read first?

This is a dangerous as fuck ability, and I REALLY DON’T WANT IT. I don’t know, maybe I’m cynical, but I think the world would be a terrible place if I could read other people’s minds. Because even the nicest people in my life will probably have the occasional negative thoughts about me. I’m not perfect, and I don’t wanna hear that shit, you know? I can breathe much easier never knowing what goes on in everyone else’s minds. SORRY REALLY DEPRESSING ANSWER.

9. You get to choose a dress from any book cover — which book cover dress would you choose?

WHAT AN AWESOME QUESTION. I thought this would be easy to answer. I googled YA covers with girls in dresses. I looked through the list…… and I was appalled by the fact that I WANTED NONE OF THESE DRESSES. Sure, they look pretty on a cover, but…. would I look good in them? Probably not.

So Silver Bright Sweet Evil

In the end it was a tie between these two. Both of which were books I’d never even heard of. I would probably look much better in the white dress, but red is my favourite colour and I couldn’t resist…

10. Finally… What is the ONE BOOK you would endlessly push people to read?

Okay, so I STILL haven’t been able to stop talking about Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. I only gave it 4.5 stars at the time of reading but having had a lot of time to reflect on that, it’s probably actually my favourite book of 2014. It’s an incredibly disturbing and distressingly real dystopia. It feels way, way too close to our world. Beautifully written and so important. Are you a feminist? Read this book. Are you not a feminist? Wait what the hell are you even doing on my blog, go away and read this book and don’t come back until you call yourself a feminist.

Tagging these people:

Your questions, should you choose to accept them…

  1. What is one book/series that you really wish were a movie, and who should play the main character?
  2. A moment from 2014 etched forever on your mind, go!
  3. Do you cook? What do you like to cook?
  4. Describe your ideal date with your current book boyfriend/girlfriend (appropriate to the book setting, of course).
  5. Which book character is your best friend most like?
  6. Favourite item of clothing that you own?
  7. What’s the first book you have a clear memory of reading by yourself?
  8. In 2025, you hop onto a time machine and go back to 2015 to visit yourself. What one question would your current, 2015-self ask your 2025-self?
  9. Proudest achievement of your life so far?
  10. If you could eat books, which book do you think would be the most delicious and what would it taste like?


12 thoughts on “Tag: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

  1. Kayla Sanchez 5 January 2015 / 1:25 am

    Oh my god I love you for #8. THANK YOU THAT’S WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY TO PEOPLE. *hugs that answer forever*

    Oohhh I do love So Silver Bright’s dress… very pretty 😀 Maybe wear that one, but in red? Just a thought 😉

    Thank you for the tag! I shall put it up this Saturday 😀

    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 5 January 2015 / 1:29 am

      Hahaha I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THE ANSWER FOR #8. I was like…… god this is a really depressing answer oops I DIDN’T MEAN TO GET SO SERIOUS. But you agree so that’s okay! 😀

      Yes, WEAR THE SO SILVER BRIGHT’S DRESS IN RED. Best idea, Kayla! I would definitely look awesome in that.

      Yay looking forward to your answers! 😀

  2. vlangloisx3 5 January 2015 / 1:37 am

    Hahah I definitely do what you do too. I just look at reviews and see if my friends liked it, then I’ll read it without even looking at the blurb. SOMETIMES THIS CONFUSES ME but I figure it out eventually. I also need a nice cover or else I won’t be tempted to read it at all. HAHAHA NO ONE GAVE ME BOOKS I WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS. Well except one. And my life would be great with transportation. I wonder how that would impact our economy……wow why am I thinking about that.

    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 7 January 2015 / 2:52 am

      YES I KNOW COVERS ARE SO IMPORTANT. Sometimes when I read a book despite an awful cover I’m always like WAIT THIS IS ACTUALLY A GOOD BOOK??? WOW????? BUT HOW DID IT END UP WITH SUCH A BAD COVER!! The world is so unfair. I feel like all good books should have good covers.

      I won Cayce’s LGBT Challenge so I got to pick $30 worth of YA LGBT books! And one of my picks was one of the books I wanted for Christmas!! SO YAY I WILL BE GETTING AT LEAST ONE OF THEM. 😀 😀

      Hmm, it would probably impact our economy quite a lot…. That is an interesting thought! I know absolutely nothing about economics though so I don’t have any wisdom to offer you on that front.

  3. Lisa 5 January 2015 / 9:44 am

    I totally agree – any Kristen Stewart gif is a good gif! 🙂

    Oooh, I’ve been thinking about picking up ‘Only Ever Yours’ for such a long time. I haven’t really heard many people talk about it, but it sounds really interesting.

    Thank you for the tag! I shall do this soon! 😀

    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 7 January 2015 / 2:53 am

      YAY SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES KSTEW! I love Kstew so much.

      YES PICK UP ONLY EVER YOURS PLEASE. It’s so good! It’s really depressing though I have to say. Don’t hope for a happy ending. It will just crush you.

  4. Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) 6 January 2015 / 3:02 am

    DUDE. THOSE ARE TOTALLY THREE WORDS I WOULD DESCRIBE MYSELF AS, TOO. Lazy — I’m probably the laziest person on the planet. I sleep too much and study too little. Oh, and not to mention, I am a champion procrastinator. NO ONE CAN BEAT ME. Shy — I have serious social anxiety. Even in my own home, if strangers come over, I immediately feel anxious and have to literally force myself to stay calm. Awkward — I say shit that makes me sound like a weirdo. Especially when it comes to things I really love, like books or anime or stuff like that. And I talk to myself waaaay too often. xD

    I smile a lot too, but it’s because I don’t know what other expression to slap onto my face. Inside, though, I’m just a huge pessimist. D:

    I’m not really a fan of Kristen Stewart, but damn, that’s basically the gif of my life.

    Teleportation would be an amazing invention, definitely! No more stupid traffic jams and NO MORE GETTING UP EARLY because it would take no time to get to places. I don’t mind flying, but my ears get blocked up really bad and don’t clear up for days after, so that’s annoying. Teleportation would solve so many problems, honestly. (It’d be good for criminals, too. O_O)

    I kind of feel the same about the mind-reading question! I mean, obviously I’d be curious to see what other people are thinking of me, but I think it would have a really bad impact on myself, because like you said, it’s practically impossible for people *not* to have bad thoughts about each other. Maybe I’ll just use it to read the minds of my favorite authors… 😉


    Thanks for doing the tag, Cynthia! 😀

    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 7 January 2015 / 3:03 am


      Oh no! ): I’m not really a pessimist. I can be quite cynical, but I’m a fairly optimistic person as well. I’m not sure how that works lol. I also find a lot of things amusing (even things I probably shouldn’t find amusing, oops) so I inevitably end up smiling a lot. I feel like I smile a lot at inappropriate moments because it’s sort of become my default expression. IT CAN GET REALLY AWKWARD SOMETIMES.

      I absolutely adore Kstew! I know a lot of people don’t like her though. *sigh* I’m constantly trying to make my friends understand why Kstew is so awesome.

      OH NO CRIMINALS. Well I’m sure teleportation would involve some kind of system where you need a particular code or ~genetic make-up~ or whatever to actually be able to teleport into a certain building.. that kind of thing? I dunno. I just… I have to fly back and forth between England and Hong Kong a lot and I don’t take direct flights either because they’re too expensive, so travelling takes up to like a whole 24 hours for me sometimes and it’s just exhausting and a waste of time. I don’t mind short flights that are only a couple of hours!


  5. Ashana Lian 9 January 2015 / 11:06 pm

    I loved your answer to number 4. so true. Teleportation would be so handy for me right now. I agree with #8… I would hated to be able to read people’s minds. Great post!

    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 17 January 2015 / 12:55 pm

      I spent like OVER 24 HOURS travelling back from Hong Kong to England last weekend. It was so exhausting. Someone invent teleportation already. 😛

  6. Cayce 11 January 2015 / 6:32 pm

    “if there’s any LGBTQ element advertised in the blurb, it’s pretty much automatically going on the TBR” YEP.

    Unicorns and teleportation would be AWESOME. Though, I actually do like flying 🙂

    That Sweet Evil dress is pretty sweet… and I really enjoyed the book too. It’s pure “guilty pleasure” 😛

    And I hope it’s okay if I answer the questions here.

    1. What is one book/series that you really wish were a movie, and who should play the main character?
    Starting with a hard one are you? I don’t know…. adaptations rarely live up to the book, but…
    One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva would make a super cute movie… or maybe Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia. I don’t know enough actors plus I think I’d prefer if the main characters were played by “unknows” so I think I’d leave that to the producers or the casting people whoever they are… haha

    2. A moment from 2014 etched forever on your mind, go!
    There were some pretty good moments in 2014, but let’s go with a recent one from November: the Welcome to Night Vale Live Show!!

    3. Do you cook? What do you like to cook?
    I can cook, but I prefer baking. I bake mean pumpkin muffins. Also cookies and tiramisu (which requires no baking but it’s SO GOOD)

    4. Describe your ideal date with your current book boyfriend/girlfriend (appropriate to the book setting, of course).
    ehem, I don’t really do book boyfriend/girlfriends…

    5. Which book character is your best friend most like?
    Haha, never thought of this.. she is like… sorry, really no idea… you came up with some super hard questions!!

    6. Favourite item of clothing that you own?
    Everything that’s purple (just got a new purple skirt, yay), also this Batman jumper (googled you a pic: http://www.enjoygram.com/m/807744116789330895_655007287)

    7. What’s the first book you have a clear memory of reading by yourself?
    This fairy tale about Rapunzel.

    8. In 2025, you hop onto a time machine and go back to 2015 to visit yourself. What one question would your current, 2015-self ask your 2025-self?
    When will they invent the time machine? Or…. what stocks should I invest in? Haha.

    9, Proudest achievement of your life so far?
    Probably graduating uni 🙂 And I’m also pretty proud of the number of books I’ve read so far.

    10. If you could eat books, which book do you think would be the most delicious and what would it taste like?
    Cookbooks? And if they would taste like the recipes on the pages that would be pretty cool.


    • Cynthia (Afterwritten) 17 January 2015 / 12:54 pm

      HAHAHA SORRY MY QUESTIONS WERE SO HARD CAYCE. 😛 I’m terrible and thinking of questions was very difficult so I made my questions very difficult too.


      I LOVE PURPLE CLOTHES TOO. I don’t own that many though. Need more. That’s an awesome jumper too!

      OOOH STOCKS. WHAT A CLEVER QUESTION. I know hardly anything about stocks though. 😛 My grandparents are amazing at that kind of thing, but I’m just like ???? WHAT DOES ANYTHING MEAN.

      Everyone is saying cookbooks. That is a terribly clever answer. I want to go and nom some cookbooks now.

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