I’ve moved!

Yes, I’ve moved again! I’VE MOVED TO SELF-HOSTED. Hurrah! I’ve set afterwritten.wordpress.com up to redirect to afterwritten.com, so there should be no trouble at all for any of you. I’m just leaving this here so anyone who stumbles upon this blog somehow despite the redirect, or in the future after the redirect ends in one year, will know where to go.

So, here you go, my shiny new website, afterwritten.com!

afterwritten feather banner

Moving day

So, I decided to move from Jellyfish Reads to here.

As you will have noticed, I hadn’t really posted on Jellyfish Reads in quite a long time. I started Jellyfish Reads in March this year, and I set myself a standard of reading about a dozen books each month for the first few months that I was blogging. A standard which I quickly discovered was not really possible for me to stick to forever. I started to lose motivation. For those of you who don’t know, I study Classics at the University of Oxford, and it’s a lot of work. Writing two 2000-word essays and reading and reviewing three books every week was doable, but it was only doable if I gave up on other parts of my life. My friends complained that they hardly ever saw me anymore.

I took a break from reading and blogging because I wanted more time for other things in my life. I kept trying to get back into blogging, but I found it difficult. Composing posts took longer than they should. I just wanted to talk about books, but book blogging was about more than that. The longer I didn’t update my blog, the guiltier I felt, and the harder it was to go back to it.

But I still wanted to read books and talk about them.

So I’ve given up on Jellyfish Reads. I want to start afresh because it’s going to be different from now on. I’m gonna talk about books, but I might talk about other things as well. Posts will be much more simple. I’m not going to try and be a book blog. It’s just going to be a blog, and I will talk about books. Not as regularly as before. I’m just going to read when I have time and review when I have time. Reviews will probably vary in length a lot as well. I felt that once I’d started writing fairly long reviews, I had to keep writing reviews of the same length, but that wasn’t really feasible.

This blog isn’t really going to be very fancy and pretty. I want to keep it as simple as possible so I can focus on the important things.

My next post after this will be a quick round-up of the books I’ve read in the past few months that I haven’t managed to write a review for on Jellyfish Reads. Then I’ll attempt to start catching up on all the other review copies I’m supposed to have read.

Please also note that I’ve moved on Twitter as well from @jellyfishreads to @afterwritten. (As in, I’ve actually moved accounts instead of just changing my username.) I’m still the same on Goodreads though.

If you started following me from when I was blogging at Jellyfish Reads and you’d like to continue following me, you’re awesome and I love you. Thanks for sticking around! I’m going to try my best to just be me and enjoy reading and blogging from now on and make it fun again instead of a source of stress.

(I make no promises, but the jellyfish may still make the occasional appearance.)