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Kayla @ The Thousand Lives tagged me! Thanks, Kayla! ❤

(I wrote up this post a whole week ago, and I could have sworn I posted it, but when I checked my blog the post had completely disappeared without a trace and I had to write the whole thing all over again. Whyyyyyy, WordPress, WHYYYY. x___x Don’t you dare do this to me again, WordPress.)

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Tag: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers


Meg @ Adrift on Vulcan tagged me in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Thank you, Meg! ❤ Time to answer some questions!

1. Three words that describe yourself!

Lazy, shy, awkward?? GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE. I can’t think of a positive word….

Wait let’s do this more positively: smiles a lot. Yes, I do. I smile a lot. People comment on this all the time.

2. How does a book blurb pique your interest for that book?

I have the bad habit of not reading the blurb properly most of the time. I visit the Goodreads page, I look at the cover, I scan through the reviews, I maybe glance briefly at the blurb, and then I’m like OKAY LOADS OF PEOPLE LOVE THE BOOK AND IT HAS AN AMAZING COVER, I’M BUYING IT. Very often I read a book without knowing what it’s about. Reviews pique my interest for a book far more than the blurb does.

But, that said, if there’s any LGBTQ element advertised in the blurb, it’s pretty much automatically going on the TBR. Also, if I read a blurb and I’m like, this really doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever read, that also piques my interest. Otherwise, blurbs bore me. It’s all about covers and reviews for me.

3. QUICK! Share with us your absolute favorite gif!

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