Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review.

Please note that I am mostly interested in YA books with LGBTQ content. I am willing to consider reviewing indie or self-published books. I read all genres within YA except for horror. I also read adult fantasy books.

I am not interested in reviewing any erotica.

All reviews are cross-posted to Goodreads. If I accept a review copy, I will try and read it within a month of the publication date, or within three months of receiving it, if it has already been published. However, I cannot guarantee that I will read the whole book and review it. I aim to be completely honest in my reviews, so please understand that your book may receive a low rating. Only send me a request if you can accept this.

I prefer having a physical copy of the book where possible. All copies should be sent to an address in England.

Please contact me via the form below if you would like to send me a book for review. I will only reply to a request if I want to read the book. If I don’t reply within a week, please assume that I am not interested.

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